Politics is like show business. It is emotive, has characters, caricatures and generally mimics a theatre. With OMG, we capture all of it. OMG lavishly and satirically captures events and personalities in a witty and original style.
With two new episodes each week, OMG rolls along like a mini-memoir of transformative events which impact and effect people in India regularly. The series, which is aired on INDIA TV, India's most watched news television network, encapsulates the essence of
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political developments and steers public perception through animation design. The series uses the wordless, but powerful art of animation to expose hypocrisy, double standards, lies and innuendo in the public arena and is a key differentiator in news content
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landscape of Indian television. It's an instructive and humorous reminder of all the complexities that make up our country. OMG entertains, enlightens and educates and gives us our moments of emotional catharsis. It also makes India laugh. At itself.

Khelo India

Khelo India is a national programme for development of sports in the country under the aegis of Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports. The programme takes care to develop sports infrastructure in both rural and urban areas and provides for not only identification of
talent but guiding and nurturing of the talent. The objective is mass participation of youth in annual sports competitions through a structured competition; Identification of talent and guidance and nurturing of the talent.
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Khelo India is being launched along with the first ever Khelo India National School Games being held in New Delhi from 31 January 2018. Tavrohi has been involved in creating the animated mascots and other branding content for the games and the program.

Govt. Projects – GST

Animated infomercials for Govt. Initiatives and rollouts. The Goods and Services Tax film dispels popular misconceptions about the new tax system. The project uses the truck-wala as a mascot for ensuring the message is conveyed to all the stake holders in layman’s terms.


An educational training module for rural development that aims to communicate role clarity at the panchayat level. Bulky rural development training manuals crunched and summarized into an interesting, simplified yet effective communication strategy to ensure that the message reaches the remotest villages.

DARWIN - A full length animated feature

Here is an idea which would entertain it’s way to communicating to children the importance of values, homegrown innovation, a scientific temper and the need to respect animals.
Darwin would be a subtle educative thriller, the story of a boy-next- door monkey who is cute, has a romantic streak, can dance, fight and be impish. The film that enlightens and educates but more than that, entertains.

अब तब

Animated films highlighting Govt. achievements through a before and after scenario.



The ever changing, action packed Indian political scenario lends itself well to animation. Viewer sentiment is portrayed through a series of small 60-90 second films. Cloaked in humour and satire our politoons are known to deliver the most impactful messages, and are well
received by audiences and politicians alike. Not to mention the popularity and eyeballs it brings to the platform.


With literally hundreds of mini-films to its credit and those too created in a record-setting timelines, Tavrohi has now taken the plunge into full-length animation feature filmmaking and is currently working on making its first such: Darwin

3D Animations

With a world class animation facility and super experienced team to reckon with, Tavrohi is a fully equipped studio that can handle the most challenging of animation projects.

TV Series

Story telling being the core of our business, Tavrohi is in the process of developing refreshingly new IPs for television series. Watch this space for more...


Whether it is hi-end 3D simulation of complex machinery for engineering or complicated medical procedures, we carefully analyze client brief and convert it into real lifelike simulations.


Tavrohi is a digital solutions and e-Learning content provider, with an extensive portfolio of e-content across multiple platforms such as Android, iOS, PC. We have successfully executed and delivered over 5000 units of 3D graphics, animation, learning and training content.


Be it about selling a product or service we have a solution for any communication or design problem under the able creative direction of communication design expert from San Francisco Paresh Mehta.


As an animation content company Tavrohi has serviced a fairly large array of clients from diverse industries. Ranging from Govt. to FMCG, to television news channels to media and entertainment and event management companies, offering IP solutions for a very wide audience base. Some of our esteemed clients include India TV, Encompass, Touchpoint Communications, Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs.